On March 17th 2008, the Subud Vision web site was extensively revised and re-designed. This page is your guide to those changes.

Visual design and navigation

  • There is a new visual design, by Marcus Bolt.
  • All the pages can be reached from the menu which can be found at the top right-hand side of the page.
  • If you have a particular problem with the new web site on your computer, please email the webmaster. We have tested the new web site on Windows, Linux and Mac, with Internet Explorer (6 and 7), Safari and Firefox browsers, at screen resolutions between 800*600 and 1600*1200, but we can't test everything!

New Feature: Latest Updates

One of our readers suggested that the web site needed more frequent changes to its content. This is difficult to do with articles, the editing of which cannot usually be rushed. However, we have responded to the call for more frequent updates by introducing some new pages, which can be reached from the "latest updates" menu option. One of these pages invites input from your good selves!

  • Question of the Moment. A question, for which we would like our readers to suggest answers. Your reply published immediately on the page.
  • Recommended Articles. An introduction to two recommended articles
  • Recent Discussion Posts. Get up to date on the feedback without having to search the index. The most recent 20 or so postings are reprinted on this page.
  • Best of the Feedback. A selection of the most interesting feedback comments to date, picked by our editors. The selection will change frequently.

The "Vision" Project

  • Our exciting new project, building on the the articles and discussion so far, to suggest comprehensive, across-the-board actionable solutions. Publishes on November 8th, 2008


  • Volume 3 of the articles specially features articles on the subject of Enterprise, as well as articles on other subjects
  • A full article index is provided, as previously, but there are also separate indices for each volume published. Volume 1 was published on 8th June. Volume 2 includes everything published since that date. Volume 3 was published on March 18th.

Article Feedback and Discussions

On this part of the web site many changes have taken place. We aim to improve the experience for readers, feedback contributors and authors alike

  • We now distinguish between "Article Feedback" and "Discussions". Each "Article Feedback" page has comment by a contributor on an author's article, followed by one-on-one conversation between the contributor and the author or another reader. The "Discussion Forum", by contrast, has much longer conversations between many contributors. The aim of this distinction is to keep the feedback on the articles succinct and on topic, while not inhibiting discussions, which can be long with many contributors and which can cover many interesting side-issues not related to the original comment.
  • Clicking on a discussion item link now takes the reader directly to that item on its page. No longer any need to scroll up and down a page trying to locate the item
  • Long discussion pages are now split into shorter cross-linked pages, to reduce load times for readers with slow Internet connections.

Sending Us an Article

Last Autumn, we improved the procedure and help pages for sending articles. These have not changed. Go to this page which will take you though the entire process, including a form for uploading your article directly to the editors. We also provide a new Useful Downloads page with advisory documents that authors can download for their assistance, and a page setting out our precise article deadline dates.


Subud Vision CD

  • For those with the technical know-how, we provide an ISO CD image of the web site, which can be downloaded and burnt onto a CD. Useful to give the Subud friends and acquaintances who you wish to encourage to give the site a look. Requires no Internet connection and includes the full-length Anugraha 1988 Festival video.

Informal Survey

  • Take the Informal Survey complete with colourful, pie-chart graphics, to register your opinion about a plethora of matters relating to Subud. It's not scientific but it's fun, and will help others "test the water" in framing a future comprehensive survey of Subud.

Improved feedback navigation

  • Links in the feedback index and sent to subscribers in emails now take you direct to the named item, rather than just to the top of the web page, so it is no longer necessary to have to scroll down the page to locate the item in question.

Site Search

  • Available from the main menu and from "Site Search" buttons on many pages, readers can now search for any word or phrase in articles, discussions, author pages or other pages. Some searches offer a special highlighting facility that will highlight the searched for phrase in each document where it is found and jump from a link direct to that location in the document, so you don't have to inconveniently scroll down to find the word or phrase you are looking for.


  • There is a new features section to which from time to time we will add miscellaneous articles of interest that don't quite fit into our normal publishing categories.


  • The "What Is the Latihan" page, reached from the Home menu, continues our quest for alternative descriptions and definitions of the Latihan.
  • The "Fun" page, reached from the Home menu, has items for your entertainment.
  • The Links page has several new and interesting links and includes a link to an Edinburgh Science Festival questionnaire on the effect of your first name on your life. The festival is at Easter, so please take part soon if you wish to participate.