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Criticising the Infallible. From Haskel Adamson, August 13, 2007. Time 21:26

If you've got a problem -its your fault! Yes I do recognise this response in subud and also in the world. I wonder from where it comes. Is it a result of people believing in an infallible system? So any problem or critisism, can't relate to the issue brought up but to the individual who mentions it. This response i have heard when i have mentioned subud vision. The editors are criticised and personal faults are found, so that the defensive subud member does not have to look at the issue being raised. I suppose a belief in the infallibility of a system defines a dogmatic approach. I guess we could start communicating as adult siblings rather than as child siblings with Pak Subuh as our father and Ibu Rahayu as our 'older sister'.

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People who leave before being opened. From Mike Higgins, August 9, 2007. Time 7:47

Just knowing how long people stayed in Subud would tell you a great deal. Did they quit before they were even opened? - i.e., during their 3 month probation period. That's obviously a different problem than quitting after they'd practiced the latihan for a while, especially since many of the article writers here seem to be assuming that Subud religious jargon and principles are turning people off. If this were true, most applicants would never complete their probation period.

My discussions with the Helpers during my probation period were not particularly stimulating but once I'd experienced the latihan, their explanations became unimportant to me (I never expected them to be able to explain it anyway). Have we considered that perhaps only a small percentage of people will take to the latihan, for whatever reason, and therefore the attempt to spread it all over the world is futile? But collecting the "market research" data you described would help us determine that. Thanks - Mike