The Vision Project, publishing on November 8th, 2008


The aim of the "Vision Project" is to satisfy the requests that have been made for Subud Vision to demonstrate Vision, not just criticism. On 8th November, 2008 we will publish a series of papers on the topics listed at the foot of this page, which will suggest ways forward for Subud.

Contributors Sought

Between now and September, we will be sourcing Subud members willing to contribute proposals for change and improvement in Subud. Please contact us at this email address if you are interested in writing on one of the topics below or wish to propose some other topic.


As well as publication on this web site, we hope to distribute the publication widely in both book and free CD format. We encourage those who have the enthusiasm and ability to recognise a way forward for Subud to write for us. Your writing, if accepted by the editors, is guaranteed to receive a wide audience. If you wish to write on one or more of our listed themes, please mail us at this email address with a preliminary outline of your proposal, or suggest a new theme if you feel we have missed something important out of our list.

The Topics List

The topics list is not set in stone. We will be pleased to consider suggestions for other topics to add to this list.

  1. Replacing the helper system with a new scheme for kejiwaan assistance
  2. Running the helper system differently
  3. Abolishing the applicant period
  4. Changing the way we handle the applicant period
  5. Better ways of looking after newly opened members
  6. Changes to Subud to make members less likely to want to leave
  7. Ways to increase democracy and participation in Subud
  8. A dispute resolution scheme
  9. Advertising the latihan
  10. Making sense of the enterprise concept and realising its value in practise
  11. Improvements we can make now in our care of members
  12. A new role for youth in Subud
  13. Practical steps to minimise cultishness
  14. Improving the ambience and usage of our Subud premises
  15. New ideas for finance
  16. Making better use of Testing
  17. A new approach to cultural activity and development
  18. Developing cooperation between Subud and local charitable and community ventures
  19. A new name for Subud
  20. Reducing "religiosity" in Subud
  21. Changing how Subud is connected with the talks of Pak Subuh

Selection of Articles for Publication

The Vision Project is not a competition. We will not be picking the best article in each category nor will we only pick the solutions the editors favour the most. If there are different, maybe even opposing, solutions for the same topic we will publish them all. The purpose of this project is to get people thinking about solutions, not for us to dictate them. For these articles, we are not looking for the authors to have great literary skill, but we are looking for authors who can think through a proposal and provide sufficient detail that it can be successfully carried out in practise by others.