How to Submit an Article

Introduction for Authors

Subud Vision publishes articles on a regular basis. Therefore if you are a Subud member, ex-member or non-member, who has something to say about Subud, please consider writing an article for us. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

Before You Write

Like most journals, Subud Vision edits articles with a view to maintaining a high standard of readability. For an indication of the quality of articles published so far, and also to see the wide range of subject matter, please look at the published articles.

There are certain types of article that we donít publish, so please take a moment before writing and submitting your article to read the following pages, which are designed to help you understand what we accept and what we don't accept for publication. Doing so could save you a lot of time :-)

The advice on the following pages is aimed at encouraging you, not dissuading you -- of the 55 completed articles submitted for June 2007, we published 50. In other words, we published ten out of every eleven articles submitted.

Index of author advice pages
  1. Introduction for Authors
  2. Editorial Guidelines
  3. Editorial Process
  4. Article Submission Form

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