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The Governance of Anugraha, by Luthfi O'Meagher (full transcription)

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Thoughts on Esoteric Knowledge - Gnosis and Spirituality, Victoria LePage (Official Website)

Nonviolent Communication is a little different from most other conflict resolution models in that it begins with an intention to be compassionate. The process includes noticing and acknowleding ones own feelings and needs. For those whose spiritual aspiration is to rise above nafsu-driven emotions (such as frustration, anger and fear) creating a fog of denial, NVC offers a way forward. Communicate directly and authentically. Acknowledge your issues. Listen with greater attentiveness. - based at Harvard University - includes a listing of international interfaith resources. Subud aims to bring together (at congresses etc) people of diverse faiths. Subud Vision aims to promote open dialogue unfettered by taboos and sacred cows.Both of these challenges require people to develop a pluralistic outlook, as promoted by Interfaith groups. We can probably learn a lot from their experience.

Does your first name influence your life? To help find out, Prof Richard Wiseman has teamed up with The Edinburgh International Science Festival to carry out a unique experiment. We carried a link to the experiment on the Subud Vision web site, but participation is now closed and the results have now been announced: "This study was carried out in collaboration with The Edinburgh International Science Festival, and examined how popular first names in the UK are associated with success, luck, and attractiveness. Over 6000 people took part, and strong trends emerged, with James and Elizabeth being seen as the most successful, Jack and Lucy topping the luck table, and Sophie and Ryan coming out as the most attractive. The findings suggest that traditional names with Royal associations are viewed as highly successful, whilst attractive female names tend to be soft-sounding and end with the ee sound, and the sexiest males names are short and much harder sounding. A more detailed description of the findings is available at, including a PDF download of the tables showing how each name was rated.

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