Subud Vision - Suggestions for first-time visitors

Welcome to Subud Vision. Our web site has dozens of articles covering a range of issues. To make it easier for newcomers, the editors have put together the following list of articles which should give you a good idea of what we are writing and talking about.

Clicking on any article link below will take you to the author's page where you will find a choice of viewing the article in "HTML" or "PDF" format.

Leonard Lasalle, Latihan for All of Humanity
A long-time member finds a different way to introduce Subud to newcomers

Erica Sosna, 'God's Work'
A new member shares her candid impressions of Subud and the latihan.

Deanna Koontz, 'Subud the Tribe'
Subud as seen by an anthropologist and ex-Subud member, in terms of the conflict between individuality and the pressure to conform.

Stefan Freedman, 'Beyond Words and Images'
How Subud terminology is out of synch with current values.

Lilliana Gibbs 'But what is Subud?'
We know something about 'rules' in Subud. But what are Subud's unspoken norms?

David Week, 'Anwar, Anwas and Subud Prejudice'
The background to this familiar Subud story.

Rosalind Priestley, 'The Case for Not Having Helpers'
Why the institution of helpers creates problems and a proposal to organize Subud differently

Sahlan Diver, 'Trial by Feelings'
Some surprising revelations about why Anugraha failed.

Marcus Bolt, 'Process not Prozac'
An appeal to stop living in an illusion and face up to our shortcomings.

Hassanah Briedis, 'The Latihan of Subud, Dissociation and the Neurology of Spiritual Experience'
A serious examination, from both a personal and a professional angle, of what may sometimes be an undesirable effect of the latihan.

Helissa Penwell, 'The Introductory Period'
The arguments pro and con the three-month waiting period.