Sahlan Diver


Mini Biography

Sahlan Diver was opened in Subud in 1972, and left university in 1973 looking forward to an uncertain future as a totally unemployable person. He became interested in shadow puppetry and worked freelance giving shows to schools, pioneering multi colour projection and 3-D shadow puppets. Next he taught musical instuments for a few years, finally moving into computer programming after being taken on as a "floor sweeper and disc copier" at a Subud enterprise.

In 1989, Sahlan and his family moved to the Republic Of Ireland, where he went freelance again, eventually attaining the Holy Grail of all unemployable people, i.e. becoming a highly paid consultant advising employed people on how to do their job properly.

While providing consultancy to over forty companies, large and small, Sahlan was able to observe at close hand a variety of project management styles ranging from excellent to downright appalling. This experience showed him the importance of good management, and led to a conviction that something was seriously wrong with the way Subud members were "doing Subud". He formed an alternative organisation, "Subud Eire", through which he discovered many other members who had serious misgivings about Subud, but who had mainly kept quiet because they felt criticism wasn't welcome.

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