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Deanna Koontz cannot remember life before Subud. As a small child lying in bed listening to the funny sounds of the latihan in her living room, she thought the grown ups were playing cowboys and Indians. After years of enjoying the latihan?s funny sounds, Deanna joined at age 18 and grew to enjoy the latihan itself very much. She found firm support and strong community within her local group. But the larger Subud organization always troubled her. She says, ?Subud is all about doing the latihan, which is geared to the needs of the individual, but at large gatherings, I felt strong pressure to conform.? She avoided gatherings when possible, but actively embraced the latihan and her local group. After 31 years however, she found that Subud could no longer support her spiritual growth and, at a point of crisis, she left. Deanna is the daughter of Subud Vision contributor, Jonathan Koontz, and his wife, Henrietta. She has a Ph.D. in anthropology and music.

Subud: the Tribe pdf, html

Subud claims to be all about individual growth, yet members sometimes feel pressure to conform to the group. This article examines the tension between Subud?s individualistic claims and its conformist pressures. It offers a theory about spiritual development that may clarify the issue and proposes a way out of the stagnant mire.

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