Lilliana Gibbs


Mini Biography

Lilliana was born in Coombe Springs, England in 1957. Her father Lambert, was the architect of Anugraha. In 1970 her family moved to Indonesia, where Lilliana lived till she was 18. After couple of years in New Zealand, Lilliana settled in Sydney in 1977. She was married to David Week, and they have two daughters, Lara and Bella. For some years Lilliana withdrew from Subud. It seemed increasingly separate from her life with a young family and career. When she did return to latihan, she felt all aspects of her life needed to come together. Lilliana?s working life has been in film production and business management, and she is completing a graduate diploma in counselling and coaching. She is now moving to Lewes, England, with her partner, Hussein Dickie.

But what IS Subud? pdf, html

Looking from the outside, Subud resembles a cult or a religion. While we profess to be open and individualistic, the reality is that Subud culture is heavily influenced by Islamic and Javanese beliefs, and conservative ideas. This article explores the mismatch between what we say we are, and how we behave. It questions some of the rules by which we operate, and asks; can we begin to express what Subud is, that is congruent with who we are?

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