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Sahlan Diver - Our Cunning Plans

Loved your article. From Rochanah, January 8, 2010. Time 10:42

Loved your article and will attempt to share it with "hardliners". So good for me to get a few clean LAUGHS.

Perhaps you are lucky that despite your clear thinking you can still feel you are part of Subud. For myself, after more than 40 years I am finally "free".

With love and respect,

Rochanah Weissinger

From Sahlan Diver, January 8, 2010. Time 10:52

Thanks for your appreciative comments, Rochanah.

If you would like to see an example of UNCLEAR thinking, might I suggest episode 7 of the excellent Congress TV.

It's the most depressing video regarding Subud's prospects that I have ever seen. Makes me want to write a point by point rebuttal of the nonsense. Unless the editor of this piece deliberately edited out opinions he didn't like, and there seems no evidence of that, I'd say this shows why there is no market for change in Subud.

Frankly the only way Subud will change is by a new latihan organisation doing things sufficiently differently that it not only gets and keeps new members but also has Subud members, especially younger ones, drifting away from Subud to join it. However if that does happen then it will be too late, there will be no need for Subud as an organisation any more - another organisation more adept at spreading the latihan, one that is not piously hanging around for God's guidance, will have superceded it.

Kind Regards,

Sahlan Diver

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