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Sahlan Diver - The Rise and Fall of the AntiSubud Site

update on the anti subud site. From Em, July 11, 2009. Time 14:15

I had a look at the Anti Subud site and had a read through. There were some interesting discussions early on, but due to there being no moderator the site does now contain abusive messages. More recently it's been latched onto by fundamentalist Christians who are enjoying not being moderated. At least they don't swear!

From Sahlan Diver, July 11, 2009. Time 14:44

Dear Em,

I agree with you that the Anti-Subud site is interesting early on, but the later abusive messages and swearing are now too tedious for my taste, so I have only revisited the site once since writing my article on it. I tried to contact the former moderator but was unsuccessful,


Sahlan Diver

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