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Sahlan Diver - A Proposal for an International Subud survey

IRC and Subud democracy article also relevant here. From sabariah van beek, March 24, 2008. Time 14:41

Dear Sahlan,

About 4 years ago there was a committee set up called the International Relations Committee, a kind of free lance group who had ties to WSC and SDI with some of us having been involved for years in the UN. The idea was to identify who Subud people were, and what they wanted to see in Subud.

I wrote a paper on that topic back then. I also suggested we come up with a questionnaire, translations included. WSC actually closed down that committee within a few months, so many and good were the suggestions! I dont even know if the white paper and report were circulated beyond the international board members, who never gave any feedback beyond a "thank you" for your interest and participation.

I feel that this came from the fact that there is a lot of fear within Subud about Subud...

Good to see that you are also interested in that kind of democratic tool and possible synthesis for future action!


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