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"Bapak wants". From Sahlan Diver, January 22, 2011. Time 13:45

I think this will probably be the final new feedback topic I am initiating on your article and recent replies to feedback.

You said “I rarely 'quote' Bapak and only in a hopefully helpful way.” But in direct contradiction to this you also say, referring to consensus “…where we aim for consensus ... ... it is both necessary and hard work, and it is the way Bapak wanted the organization to function.”

I wonder what can be more “Bapak said” than saying we have to run our organisation a certain way because that’s what Bapak wanted. No question as to whether Bapak was right about it, or whether his ideas have turned out to be unworkable, or maybe were workable once but have now been superceded by the march of time, and so on, just “it is the way Bapak wanted”.

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