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Salamah Pope - After Fifty Years: What I think is Needed

Would the latihan die if Subud, the organisation, dies?. From Lawrence Brazier, July 10, 2007. Time 10:15

Lovely! The New Age angles made an awful lot of sense. After all, Subud does seem like a sect on the surface. We should not forget that the Latihan experience is rather unusual, and is not like popping down to the pub. New Age people will be more responsive because they carry no anti-Asian baggage. Actually, it was always the "seekers" who became Subud members, anyway. My dad, and the rest of my family, thought I was round the bend. But could the Latihan ever die? If Subud, the organisation, dwindles into nothing, would not the Latihan resurface elsewhere? I have the feeling that it would. That is comforting in its own way! But it is impossible to criticise the mistakes of Subud people in this respect. They simply do what they gotta do at any given moment. That is the reality of the matter. Since my own mistakes are legion, I need forgiveness in large dollops to even wake up each morning. Cheers - Lawrence

From Achmad Kooyman, November 18, 2008. Time 16:34

That newcomers or seekers are leaving quickly,and are not attracted to Subud,is not because of it appearing to outsiders as a cult, but the absence of warm brotherly feelings in the groups. The development thereof, depends again on personal progress of the members, thus the Will of God. But the quality of the Helpers and their concern and following-up of the progress of new members is of course also very significant.

Maybe the worship of many of us reaches as yet not any further,than the first (material)house and has the devine flame not reached the second house of understanding and love.

May God grant us progress to the second stage.

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