Salamah Pope


Mini Biography

Salamah was opened at Coombe Springs in the UK in 1957 when she had just turned twenty-four, and later that year was made a helper. In 1959 the Popes emigrated to the USA, where Bapak sent them first to Denver and then to Portland to open groups waiting there. They then went to live in Los Angeles and were helpers in the group there until 1962 when they moved to the Wisma Subud, in Indonesia. There Salamah sat on committees, ministered to overseas visitors, and helped to set up a charitable foundation, Y.U.M. On retiring to Perth in Western Australia in 1991, Salamah first became the group Secretary, then took up helper duties again, serving from 1997-2001 as the women's Kejiwaan Councillor for Subud Australia. From 2002-2005 she served as the Zonal SICA Rep for the Asia-Pacific Zones 1-2. She is currently trying to revive SICA in Perth.

After Fifty Years: What I think is Needed pdf, html

Why isn?t Subud spreading? Has it turned into a secret society? Salamah lists eight things that she thinks would improve the situation of the Subud organisation.

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