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Salamah Pope - After Fifty Years: What I think is Needed

Why not rename Subud itself?.. From Patrick Morgan, July 8, 2007. Time 14:15

I agree with several points in Salamah's article:

Shorter Applicant period - Of course! It does not have to be the same everywhere but appropriate for differing places, people and circumstances.

Name change - The name Subud sounds like a multi-national conglomerate from the 1960's. A new name that reflects the essence of what it is would be refreshing without diminishing what "Subud" has already brought us. How many of us have changed our names? Why can't the organisation do the same?

From David Week, July 14, 2007. Time 6:23

HI Patrick and Selamah

I don't think that we'll get a Subud name change—too much organisational inertia, not enough energy to do all the things that might be done. But I think that it is nonetheless a great idea.

I notice that Rajneeshis changed their name—to OSHO. Now their books are in the airport bookshops.

In the area in which I work, international development and overseas aid, most companies have changed their names, as they have grown and matured. Gunn Rural Management became GRM became GRM International. It should be no big deal. We changed our name from Pacific Architecture to Assai to reflect that we were no longer that we operated beyond the Pacific, and did a lot more than architecture.

Subud itself changed its name. It used to be Ilmu Kasunyatan, then Soeboed, in the old spelling, and now Subud. But as movements become "routinized", they lose this kind of flexibility. Pity.

What we could do, is promote more Subud NGOs. I don't mean to do charitable work, I mean to undertake the core purposes of Subud, as expressed in the 10 Aims. Right now, everything is governed in one giant hierarchy, just like Indonesia.

Healthy communities have lots of independent efforts, all under different names. Why couldn't a group of Christian members (for instance), interested in introducing and explaining the LK to Christians, form an association to do that—without the name "Subud", without organisational links... just like normal people, in a normal community? You can see the benefit: Christians could sample the latihan without being bombarded with Islamisms and Gnosticisms and Spiritualisms from Subud's history.



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