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The Future of Large Enterprise?. From Edward Fido, December 2, 2007. Time 7:35

My God!

So that is what happened at Anugraha?

I was in Perth, WA when it happened and really hadn't a clue.

Very "Subud" - people knowing nothing and not trusting those who know and are at the wheel thereby precipitating disaster - the explanation.

Subud seems to have a history of disaster precipitation.

What to be done in future?


From Sahlan Diver, December 2, 2007. Time 12:28

Thanks for the comments, Edward. You ask "what is to be done in the future?". There may not be a future, in the sense that people won't risk investment again in large scale enterprises, especially after the collapse also of the Premier Hotels venture in which many members had invested money.

For myself, I must say I had a doubt about the whole concept of large scale enterprise. Bapak seemed to promote it as a means of benefical cooperation between Subud members, but it was a kind of passive cooperation for most - a majority handing over the money, and only a minority getting on with the job. Once could say "isn't that what investment is about anyway, a large number of shareholders in companies run by a relatively small number of people?" True, but the difference is, in a normal investment situation, people invest in companies with a track record, and therefore there is a much greater safety in their investment -- what Bapak was asking us to do was to become venture capitalists, investing big sums in completely new ventures with unproven teams in charge. A much more risky game and one which usually only works if there is enough money to invest in at least ten such enterprises, with the expectation that a big profit on one success will cover one's likely losses on the other nine.

So perhaps one could say that Bapak was asking us to invest in a way that was against common-sense maxims for good investment, and maybe those Subud members who were sufficiently clued up financially to realise this nevertheless went along with it believing another factor to be at work - that we had some special guidance and chance of success because of the latihan.

If we try again, I believe we should be looking at local enterprise projects - less fallout from disasters, but for successes more positive feedback than one would expect to get from some remote enterprise on another continent.


P.S. Thanks for reading so many articles and taking time to comment on them recently. Good debate in Subud is what we want to promote.

From Edward Fido, December 26, 2007. Time 22:52

Many thanks for your reply Sahlan.

It was immensely sobering reading your article and realizing that success was within reach.

My gut feeling about Subud is that a tectonic shift is occuring. Subud Vision is, to me, a sign of this.

I am grateful to those who put themselves on the line and wrote the articles.

My own feelings on matters Subud seem to be currently being processed at a level beyond my conscious control so I might not be able to put pen to paper as readily as I did in the past.

Some articles of mine with a wry satirical twist did appear in Subud Life but I am not sure they are still there.

One of the insights I have gained from reading this site is that Subud is still a work in progress. Without the equivalent of the child in the fairytale 'The Emperor's New Clothes' I fear we shall not progress. Subud Vision seems to fulfill that role and also to move on from there.

We definitely need to move on. Pray God we will.

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