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HIDDEN SUBUD. From sjahari, September 25, 2007. Time 14:55

Sahlan your article is quite comprehensive. I have two comments.

One: in addition to knowing why people leave and why they join, it would also be very interesting to get an idea of why they stay. That should be in the survey.

Two: you need to add a whole other category which is around the isolation issue. As long as we stay hidden from the rest of society the opportunity for all this ingrown disfunctional stuff just grows and festers. We have to be totally out there. Right out there where everyone can see us so that all our 'stuff' is exposed to the bright light of world opinion. Many of us now are embarassed to be in subud and thankful that it is hidden. If it was not hidden we would have to face the source of our embarassment and demand that something be done to correct it.

From Sahlan Diver, September 25, 2007. Time 16:41

Point no 1 - A very good point; there are, no doubt, a lot of people who stay even though they are constantly annoyed by the helpers, or the organisation, or by Subud people in general, or whatever. The picture is not complete unless we can contrast why some people stay and some leave, even though both sets of people may in fact be put off by the very same aspects of Subud.

Point no 2 - I agree. In my privileged position of editor, I could see in advance that there were articles to be published that would cover this issue much better than I could myself, and so I deliberately reduced my coverage of it. Some authors refer to the fact that we are too much like a religion even though we say we are not, and this is one cause of embarrasment, other authors say we have too many weird practises that make us seem not sufficiently normal. My own suggestion in my article reflects the fact that I am a "Bapakist" in the non-spiritual sense, that I believe we should be putting the latihan into practise by getting out into the world with our own initiated cultural, enterprise and charitable projects. With the exception of the latter, for which Susila Dharma shows an excellent track record, we have not done well. Some people say that is because Subud members are no good at business. I believe that to be just as nonsensical an a-priori claim as the idea that because a cultural event gets a SICA label stuck on it, it is automatically wonderful and special.

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