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Green Lights from God. From Raphael Skerratt, October 6, 2009. Time 6:18

I liked the bit about the traffic lights turning green. That happened to me too - only joking.


From Sahlan Diver, October 6, 2009. Time 7:29

This weekend on Sky they were celebrating 40 years of Monty Python. They showed excerpts from that notorious confrontation between the Pythons on one side and a bishop and Malcolm Muggeridge on the other side arguing that the "Life of Brian" was blasphemous. One clip from the conversation they showed, which I hadn't seen before, was John Cleese complaining about a sermon in which the bishop described seven attempts they made to take Christianity to Tibet. First they were driven back by floods, then by snow, then by disease etc etc. Finally "God triumphed and they got through." John Cleese said that he thought the obvious conclusion to be drawn from the story was that God had been doing his level best to try to keep Christianity out of Tibet :)


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