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Sahlan Diver - A Proposal for an International Subud survey

2008 Survey of Subud Australia Membership - demographics, needs and views.. From Bavali, May 3, 2009. Time 1:15

Hi Sahlan,
Last year Subud Australia undertook a quite extensive survey of it's members, involving 23 demographic questions and a further 45 totally confidential questions, which focussed on members' views and needs . The design took many months and then the hard copies of surveys were sent out to all Chairs (or their nominees) for distribution, to avoid multiple entries, any age/computer use bias that might have been present in an on-line survey, and to ensure confidentiality. The results were compiled and analysed centrally.

To view the questionnaire, results and some of the graphs, please go to and click on 'member's login' at the bottom of the menu. It takes 24 hrs or less for your membership status to be verified by the website editor and then you can view the survey in the secure members section.

The results were surprising - one half of the membership responded - statistically a very high result. 48% were aged 55 yrs and over, so we are a very aging population here in Australia. 80% use the Internet at least weekly, and of the 12% who don't use the Internet, only half require hard copy of material to be posted to them.

Respondents were largely unsatisfied with Subud's visibility in the wider community but there was strong debate on what methods would be best to remedy this. This section is worth reading for the frank feedback and novel suggestions. Many members stated they felt ill equipped to share their involvement and interest in Subud with family and friends, yet this is how most people came in contact with the Latihan, rather than through passive means such as books.

Hope you and other readers all log into Subud Australia and take a more intensive look.

With great interest in a world wide survey and its possiblities,

From Sahlan Diver, May 3, 2009. Time 8:28


It's great to have a properly done, live example of the kind of thing I was proposing in my article. Is there any reason why we couldn't link directly to your survey results from our web site, without members having to go through a log-in / verification procedure? Or, for example, if your adminisration approve, we could be given a copy of your survey result web page(s) to display directly on the Subud Vision web site? Any particular details that you considered sensitive could be removed from such a copy,


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