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Sahlan Diver - Subud-think?

Darkness or Light? Sanity or Lunacy?. From Edward Fido, January 13, 2009. Time 0:27

Sahlan, you do a very insightful and witty diagnosis and present perfectly sensible and acceptable solutions to many of the problems of long term Subud think.

My main beef about Subud is about what I call 'Subudhism': which I term the vast edifice of guano built by the terminally deluded who cannot see beyond their 'earth shattering' experience of forty or fifty years ago at various 'paradises on earth' like Coombe Springs, Wolfsburg etc where a bogus religiosity based on the daily expectation of the miraculous seemed to exist.

I think many of the old lags, now passing on, had a vision of a series of little esoteric communes built up under their leadership. The vision, language and life of these places were built around this concept. I suspect it came from Gurdjieff.

Some of these people, I fear, suffered serious personal problems and their longterm 'crises' destroyed the joy of Subud life for many members.

I think groups which were neither tiny nor isolated and which had built up a critical mass of normal people were the ones which did not go down the gurgler this way.

There is 'Subud lunacy' and 'Subud normalcy', both individual and group and a lot of considerable harm has been done to innocent and vulnerable people by those affected by the former.

A real look at 'where we've been' and 'where we're going' in this country, and, possibly, elsewhere, might stagger a few.

Would Subud, worldwide, really dare open its Pandora's Box?

Sadly, the alternative doesn't bear thinking of.

It may be a generation or more before this happens.

My own feeling is that the ability to bear the vision of what Subud has become is something which will only be granted to those who have the humility to receive it.

Ditto the power to change it.

It is not 'automatic'. It won't 'just happen'.

It is, I think, a bit like the light passed from candle to candle after the total darkness at an Orthodox Easter service. Seemingly fragile and easily extinguished by a puff of wind at first but finally triumphantly filling the church in all its glory.

Our problem in the past is that we have had too many eager light extinguishers glad to share their darkness.

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