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Sahlan Diver - Subud-think?

Thinking Caps. From Stefan Freedman, October 5, 2008. Time 17:11

This article gives a clear understanding of how Subud's "anti-thinking" norm arose. It shows the shallow, ineffectual clone-like people we become when we base our lives on "no heavy thinking". A lucid and timely shot in the arm - and a great read, Sahlan.

I want to add something: Bapak's advised members that it's not useful to ponder about spiritual things or to make an effort in latihan. Since many of the early members in the West were doing Gurdjieff "Work" which involved effort and theorising this was a useful key to letting go in the latihan.

However some take this particular advice as meaning "do nothing until you receive to do it - don't think about your options or plan your life, just follow the latihan."

The result is often disappointing. Members (as Sahlan's daughters observed) seem bland, wishy washy or lost. I think Bapak would have been disappointed too. He was constantly urging us to be more "In The World", and making it clear that practical success is achieved by using our intelligence and determination ("nafsu") rather than through the kejiwa'an (feeling and testing).

I think we need mail-order thinking caps for all latihaners.

From Sahlan Diver, October 5, 2008. Time 17:59

And I would like to augment what Stefan says with this quote from Bapak that used to be popular once:

"Do not have a feeling of dreaming about something as if you are dependent on it or waiting for it -- Oh.. later when the right time comes everything will be easy... make your own good time come. If it is not good then make it good." (source: Simon Monbaron)

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