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Rosalind Priestley - Bridging the Divide

The "religification" of Subud. From Edward Fido, December 24, 2007. Time 6:49

Dear Rosalind,

I suspect much of what I would call the "religification" of Subud is due to people, like myself, who had been brought up in a very narrow religious (Irish-Australian Roman Catholic) or pseudo-religious (Gurdjieff, Theosophy etc.) background who wanted to "nail it down".

Having met Pak Subuh and Ibu Rahayu and several sane longterm Subud members during my thirty-five years "inside"

I do not think one needs to be "religious" or "pseudo-religious".

My gut feeling is that the whole organization is going through an enormous spiritual purge. Most of the rubbish is being spiritually flushed away.

Subud Vision is definitely a forum for those not completely taken with the conventional wisdom.

I am still somewhat loath to put my own thoughts or experiences to paper but perhaps, at some stage, I shall.

Thank you for your courage and forthrightness.

With best wishes,


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