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Rosalind Priestley - Redefining Success

Helpers and a non-religious view of the latihan. From grace hodgson, August 2, 2007. Time 21:25

Dear Rosalind,

Wow! I've read all your articles. I wish I were one quarter as articulate about my experiences with the latihan. I guess my big question is "where are you?" I agree 100% that we don't need to be an active helper to be sharing our experiences and insights ,our warmth and sense of brotherhood with other, read 'newer' members. In fact I think it's crucial, that they can all hear a non-religious way of viewing, and valuing the latihan. It's a pity that only a minority of us are likely to check out this website. I plan to recommend to all and sundry, and especially to those I know to be disillusioned with the whole Indonesian, muslim culture trip.

Thank you, Grace

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