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Rosalind Priestley - Will the Real Bapak Please Stand Up

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Exemplary Commentary. From John Elwyn Kimber, November 25, 2010. Time 13:15

An exemplary and important commentary. I tend to agree with those I've met or read who suggest that Subud could learn a thing or two from the Quakers as to how to transcend personality-cultism and the like; they have had a lot more time to learn how to conserve the non-dogmatic and co-operative character of a spiritual organisation that relies on the Inner Light. I also agree with those like Sahlan who foresee problems as well as benefits to a liberalisation of Subud, and that there are bound to be some 'dogmatic' guidelines that will continue to stand the test of time.

But unless the Latihan is once more regarded as paramount, as Rosalind says, and unless the membership learn to TRUST their own latihans far more and 'Subud theology' far less, then Subud might as well cease to exist. It has nothing else to offer that other organisations can't do far better.

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