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Rosalind Priestley - Bridging the Divide

Organisational schizophrenia From Stefan Freedman, July 7, 2007. Time 10:35

It seems that Rosalind and I have independently given a lot of thought to our organisational schizophrenia and come to similar conclusions. Very affirming to hear her take on it. I suspect that in practice those who want a doctrine free Subud and those who revere Bapak's every word will continue to get up each others noses something rotten, but we concur that neither "side" should represent a party line, and that the subject should be opened up to discussion and (hopefully, after the initial fireworks) thereby defused. A project to develop mutual tolerance is possibly the only one that can save us from splitting into 2 movements, also demonstrating that the latihan is more encompassing and transforming than our ideas and beliefs about it.

From David Week, August 9, 2007. Time 6:30

Hi Stefan. In my view, there are three groups. (a) doctrine-free Subud, (b) revere Pak Subuh's words, and (c) impose and evangelize Pak Subuh's words. In my experience, 90% of members fall into groups (a) and (b), and have no problems co-habiting. :-) Best, David

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