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Ragnar Lystad - The Role of Subud

Clear perspective. From Merin Nielsen, November 26, 2010. Time 21:56

Hi, Ragnar,

This is a terrific article. First, I strongly support your separation of 'making the latihan more available' and 'promoting Subud'.

Second, I appreciate your focus on 'a felt responsibility' to contribute toward making the latihan more available. I especially like your distinction of this as something that may not exist for everyone who practises the latihan -- but which explicitly can (or does or should) exist for people who choose to be members of Subud.

Membership should not be a prerequisite for access to the latihan. Rather, it would make far more sense if membership, as you say, simply implied acknowledgement of that felt responsibility.

People should be invited to join in the exercise without becoming members, while Subud's membership need not aspire to control or monopolise the latihan. The organisation is best regarded as merely one vehicle for making this form of the exercise more available throughout the world.

Thanks for sharing this valuable perspective.

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