Ragnar Lystad


Mini Biography

Born 1936 in Oslo, Norway and still living there. Married to Regine. Two daughters and three grandchildren.
Subud: Joined 1959. Has served in various helper and committee functions continuously almost 50 years.
Professional: Master of economics (cand.oecon) and chartered accountant. Various positions on the middle management level in government administration. Lecturer at a college in economics. Written textbooks in economics and numerous articles. Worked the last years before retirement as an independent auditor.

Why Did It Go Wrong? pdf, html

The trauma of enterprises. Why did it all go wrong?

The Impossibility of Subud Enterprises pdf, html

Ragnar argues that the concept of Subud enterprises is not really viable and that we should put it behind us.

The Imprisonment of the Latihan pdf, html

Is the latihan imprisoned by Subud?

A Necessary Reappraisal pdf, html

A reorientation of Subud must include a reappraisal of its founder. ‘Dethroning’ Bapak will make it possible for Subud to become a really democratic institution.

A Spiritual Democracy pdf, html

Democracy is not just a political ideal.

The Role of Subud pdf, html

Maybe we're wrong to try to promote the Subud organization.

About the Latihan pdf, html

An introduction that puts the latihan first.

No Reason to Be Disappointed pdf, html

An end to the Subud monopoly.

The Naked Subud pdf, html

Stripping off Subud's unnecessary accessories.

Promoting the Latihan pdf, html

How to open the gate for those who are willing.

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