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any better way of referring to. From Merin Nielsen, November 26, 2010. Time 13:51

Hi, Ragnar,

The article is well balanced and easy to read, but I was taken aback by the word 'purification' - I guess because it comes with a little religious baggage and implies some self deprecation, which seems unnecessarily negative. I seem to recognise the sort of phenomenon that's usually referred to when Subud people use this term, but perhaps more 'neutral' words could describe it better. What do you think, please?

From stefan, February 14, 2011. Time 17:29

Congratulation Ragnar. I particularly like the opening paragraphs which could stand alone as a brief intro. Later I found it hard to digest. I'd like to see the language and style more accessible (simple and conversational with no pomp). One thing that jarred for me was saying that latihans "should" be gender segregated. If you/we claim there is no teaching we need to avoid "shoulds". We simply report that many practitioners (we can't assume all) feel freer, safer and less distracted in a same-sex session.

I agree with Merin about the word purification. To me it sounds both moralistic and painful. I prefer the image of un-necessary things dropping away - a kind of psychological de-cluttering. It's very hard to describe this aspect of the latihan in a completely neutral way.

From NY, March 12, 2012. Time 14:26

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