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Ragnar Lystad - The Impossibility of Subud Enterprises

Enterprises - the Quaker model.. From roselight, June 9, 2010. Time 20:27

Re Enterprises
Quakers were the model for this idea - I was told Bapak said the Quakers once did quake i.e did the latihan so he clearly knew about them. Has anyone found this quote ? So perhaps he knew this about them - after all Uk groups use Quaker halls a lot, and Bapak may have been in one on a visit. Some early members were Quakers.
In Quakerism the idea of enterprises for independence and charity support worked in an outstanding way. They started nearly all the UK banks - Lloyds, Barclays etc and became very prosperous. Did Bapak seek to emulate them ? It failed perhaps because it was an imported model, a copy. Subud had its own way to forge in a new way simply not suited to business or banks. It develops talents which cannot be exploited for money.

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