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Ragnar Lystad - A Necessary Reappraisal

A house of cards?. From Hustein Lorentzen, August 9, 2009. Time 18:57

Much of the reasoning in the article is interesting. It gives, however, the impression of resembling a house of cards. It builds heavily on the premise, I quote:

"We must assume that we, in addition to doing the latihan ourselves, also have a responsibility to make it available to a wider circle of humanity."

Is this assumption taken at face value from Bapak's talks? If so, the argumentation in the article appears to be circular.

If not, is it based on Ragnar's own receiving on behalf of all, or most, members of Subud? Based on conversations with many members over many years I strongly doubt that a large majority of Subud members would accept the assumption above, and it would not be unreasonable to ask for documentation.

If the assumption is wrong, we are all free to approach Bapak's talks in any way we like, and no way is any better that any other.

My own assumption, again based on conversations with members, is that Subud members feel inwardly uncomfortable if they persistently avoid trying to follow what they receive in the latihan.

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