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Ragnar Lystad - Why Did It Go Wrong?

Using Subud to do Business might just be missing the point. From Lucas, July 17, 2009. Time 21:18

Hello Mr. Lystad,

I agree with everything you said in your article.

Bapak once said something to the effect that the people who could appreciate Subud most where those who had practiced other spiritual paths and taken them as far as they could go, and still wanted more.

An example might be someone who practiced yoga for decades, which is not just stretching, but includes moral behavior, a clean diet, regularly meditating on God, using breathing and visualization to clean and develop different aspects of the inner self, etc. - ideas compiled in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. People who take this spiritual practice seriously are even cautioned not to be too surprised or distracted by the magic powers (siddhis) that come to them or they could become a distraction or stumbling block on the way to greater development. Similar to Bapak, the Yoga Sutras mention that all material needs will be met for someone who is spiritually developed enough.

The focus is always on spiritual development, not on receiving how to make a business work, or fund this or that enterprise, or become rich or famous. The material support will come IF you are developed enough. That is always the focus, that is always the goal.

I think many Subud members, never having taken a spiritual path seriously in their lives, can not possibly appreciate or understand Subud, and it is no surprise that testing to further a business or fund an enterprise mostly fails badly. I am not offended when Bapak refers to us as 'children' because from his perspective how could he do otherwise?

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