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Ramon Kubicek - Boushma

Thought-control and conditioning system? From Stefan, February 6, 2008. Time 17:57

Hi Ramon,

I'm so glad you raise this question:

"Subud is a path of liberation, but to what extent is it also a thought-control and conditioning system? We like to think we are spontaneous, but in my experience we tend to be conformist and to reward conformity."

I read a fascinating book awhile ago about the history of medicine, showing how cleverly people rationalised gaps in their knowledge and how when researchers raised questions or challenged "orthodox" beliefs they were condemned as heretics and persecuted. Same thing happened with astronomy. Seems to be human nature to protect beliefs as if they were our own skin and bones.

Several of the feedback postings have given accounts of this happening in Subud. Some latihaners questioning the founder's ideas have met not just with scepticism (fair enough) but with scorn and even ostracism. Ironically such aggressive "defensiveness" suggests to me a beleagered faith struggling to survive in the face of adversity. This fits the profile of Subud people who are perplexed by the failure of many of Bapak's hopes (big enterprises, growth and development) and rather than say "what do we need to learn or change" resort to "God works in mysterious ways. Reread the talks and bide your time".

The irony is that much of what Bapak said to members was a plea to develop autonomy and independence, to take courageous initiatives! He gave starting points and we have enshrined them into straitjackets.

Best wishes from Stefan

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