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Raymond Foster - What Lies Ahead?

mental downsizing?. From Edward Fido, December 4, 2007. Time 23:26

Very interesting, and, if I may dare to venture an opinion, mentally unconstipated article, Raymond.

I suspect, in bits and pieces, Subud in places is evolving similarly to what you say.

Having read Sahlan Diver's article on Anugraha and its failure I find it good to know it might have succeeded.

What worries me is that it is often the architects of its failure, or their disciples, who seem to be putting out the big ideas which are supposed to "take off" in the future.

I think we all need to "mentally downsize". Come down to earth. Humus (earth) = humility.

Whilst we all want to play Percival/Galahad "the Grail" will continue to elude us.

From Raymond Foster, December 12, 2007. Time 9:58

Thank you Edward.

It strikes me that many Subud people seem to be "riding the ox in search of the ox".

I wonder if it is really necessary to be "doing something" in the Subud context. It's a problem, isn't it!


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