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With a forestry and horticultural background, for the past few years since retiring from physical activities I have taken a great interest in the inner or spiritual aspects of various subjects, such as religions, dreams, palmistry, astrology, and particularly the spiritual descent common to all people. These interests have been reflected in the books which I write. The ?inner aspect? books appear under the name Ray Douglas; the name Raymond Foster is used for tree/garden books. The earlier ones are now out of print. My recent ?discovery? of the Web has largely removed the hassle of getting published. I also paint portraits professionally, manage ?Floral Victoriana?, and help run a family sundial business.

What Lies Ahead? pdf, html

The organization called Subud is wholly unique: the only reliable source of transmission of the spiritual contact?the greatest possible treasure to be sought by humankind (though seldom recognised for what it is). And yet it seems Subud tries to be ?all things to all men?. The whole point of the Subud organization on earth is to bring about the reality of susila budhi dharma, and this should be enough. Any other function should be left to ordinary materially-based organizations which are much better at running charitable and money-making concerns than any of our people.

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