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Rikard Seeberg Andresen - The Good Reputation Of Subud

Censorship. From Michael Irwin, October 18, 2007. Time 19:2

Hi Rikard,

I enjoyed “The media reviewers of the Roman Catholic church emerged after the invention of printing. They still exist, but in the media world of today not even bishops bother to consult them.” Nor, do I think, the initiative to control what can be printed about Subud has any more chance of survival than the burning of Wycliffe’s bible. Your comment that “But the urge to control information has not disappeared.” will forever be with us.

What to do about the ‘lovers of Bapak’ as you call a subset of Subud membership who are not at all to be denigrated. They must be given a secure place but not be allowed to dominate the official presentations. Frankly, I think that SPI in particular should be spun off as an independent organization to be populated by those who take seriously the preservation of the archival aspects of Subud, in particular, the focus on Bapak’s legacy.

You write, “Some of the explanation may be found in the structure of the local group…” I would be interested in an expansion of this idea from you. You might want to investigate the Projects button on this website where you will be taken to a wiki website link to Design and Ideal Subud Group.

From NY, March 12, 2012. Time 12:50

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