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Rikard Seeberg Andresen, Norway. Opened at Coonbe Springs 1957. Helper since 1959. In later years mostly committee work, web and newsletter editing. Started working as a teacher in 1965, and in publishing from 1987. RSA is the author of 16 plays/mini-musicals and 8 non fiction books, one of them a documentary about the early days of Subud in Norway.

Subud And Sumarah pdf, html

Subud and Sumarah have been described as branches of the same spiritual tree. It has been said that the founders of the two movements were once united in one single group, which was later split into two slightly different movements. Is this true? What is similar, and what is different?

The Good Reputation Of Subud pdf, html

How can we best protect the good reputation of Subud? The question was asked by ISC and answered by a subcommittee that suggested to appoint an "International Review Team" with the mandate to monitor all visual material dealing with Subud, produced by Subud members. The author of this article is not convinced that a reputation for well organised censorship would be the best way of boosting Subud, a controlling regime being one of the main attributes of a cult.

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