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Rikard Seeberg Andresen - The Good Reputation Of Subud

Mysticism and Subud. From Michael Irwin, October 18, 2007. Time 19:1

Hi Rikard,

I find your article full of interesting observations. I have been surprised that it has not had more ‘feedback’. It may be that your conclusion is the most radical and difficult to grasp of the bunch. The question, of course, is does the latihan lead to the mystical? Since the mystical is spontaneous is there any preparation for it? My guess is “no”. I see no evidence that there are more mystics within Subud than without. Having had one tiny mystical moment, I do know for myself that the latihan cannot promise to be a stepping-stone in that direction. Therefore the attraction of Subud has, I think, to remain within the bounds of what the latihan produces for each individual and not in a promised graduation. So the problem devolves into what immediate feedback does the latihan produce for most people such that they want to do it again? Showering comes to mind.


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