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Something New is Needed. From David Week, September 27, 2007. Time 14:18

Hi Old Timer

Re-reading your article, two questions come to mind. (Are we allowed to use that taboo word? :-)

1. I get the sense from a number of old timers that they too feel that something is amiss, that something new is needed, and that more-of-the-same is not what's called for.

QUESTION: Do you talk to other old timers about your perceptions? Do you find a sympathetic response?

2. You ask "Where are the flyers, zines, web pages, blogs..." Then there is SubudVision. To me, this is the beginning of the flyer, the zine, the public webpage, the public blog, because it is the beginning of a new kind of discourse within Subud, one which is more in tune with the values and the needs of an open, democratic and informed society. I needed SubudVision (and before that SubudTalk) to help me sort out what MY story was, not the old story which simply doesn't fit what I know about the world, or about living my own truth in the world. Until I sorted that out, I can't even begin to write about Subud from my own perspective. I will certainly never feel comfortable just repeating the words of others; nor do I think anyone ever be touched by such repitition.

QUESTION: in terms of your call, what do you think of Subud Vision as a step in that direction (even admitting that most of us aren't that youthful?)



From Old Timer, September 28, 2007. Time 4:22

Yes, David, I find Subud Vision could be a very good vehicle for a new beginning of 'flyers, articles, blogs' etc. But then, it would have to move forward from the present position of 'sorting out', of criticising the status quo, of self analysis and licking of old wounds, of intellectualizing around religion vs Subud, etc. We need a fresh receiving of the aims and purposes and meaning of the latihan to the Person-kind of the present and future.

You say you are not ready to do this. But now is the time to do this. If you cannot, then we must encourage those who can, and mine the experiences of the young who are living with the latihan in its extraordinary simplicity. It is they who can show the way and who should be encouraged to freely redefine the borders and perhaps, start their own groups... ( and believe me, from that will arise another 'culture', because that is ironically the way of Person-kind, isn't it? we create culture inspite of ourselves, and then, tired of what we have done, we destroy it. but that is another story!)

I don't want to ask other Old Timers what they think. I'm interested in what the the new ones think.

Old Timer

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