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Ease of finding WSC or WSA meeting reports. From Sahlan Diver, January 17, 2011. Time 10:31


My comments in this post are about web site technicalities only.

In your article, you say: " Any current council member might rightly faint on hearing this kind of message after the hours of hard work put in at Great Malvern. "

So I thought, "Fair enough, I'll go on the WSA web site to see just what was discussed. Such a meeting will surely have a report attached."

Maybe I was being slow, but I couldn't locate the report. Is there anywhere on a hierarchical menu or set of links that will allow me to drill down to find a specific report? As I could find no such report navigation aid, I looked for a search box to type in "Great Malvern". Again, I may be slow this morning but I could find no search box. If you don't have one could I recommend the facility. We added search boxes to the Subud Vision pages for a cost of less than $200. There's only one problem, you need a web master who has the time to regularly run a program to keep the search terms up to date. Only takes a few seconds, though.

If WSC are justified in saying that members don't appreciate enough what is going on behind the scenes then you may need to better facilitate the finding of information on the web site and then actively publicise how easy it is to get the information.

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