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Innovation. From stefan, February 13, 2011. Time 14:38

Thank you for this clarification, Maya. I was one of those who used to think that the WSA exec was somehow removed from Subud grassroots. Then when I played a WSA research role I realised that those involved were very interested in our "grassroots" - open to new ideas and working hard to respond to individual members. But I also got a clearer view of our problem.

Though we're a small organisation we spend an enormous amount of time and energy sending proposals "up" to world congress and then "down" again to the groups. There is constant "communication" and "activity" but little change. Many Subud people put in heroic amounts of time and effort but see little tangible result, so understandably grow frustrated and put their voluntary efforts elsewhere. If instead we encouraged local flexibiity about such things as promoting the latihan, the introductory process or the opening statement we would be able to use members energy productively and to report about good practice. We would no longer waste energy and feel frustration about trying (impossibly) to keep everyone on the same track. I applaud the sincerity and hard work done by committees from local to international.But our primary job of hosting the latihan and making it available to others could be done so much better if we trusted local groups and individuals to be innovative.

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