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Michael Irwin - Wayward

Real Answers. From Lambert, September 9, 2010. Time 10:36

Dear Michael,

>Let me say before beginning, I somehow thought that I was addressing a rather
younger person, (I myself am old) so that I'm afraid the tone of the letter is a bit off...(apologies)

It's interesting that when I first read the "Wayward" article I missed the date
thing, and thought it was a real group. So I read some of it to my son, because
it was fun, and we were both going "Wow, who are these people? They're on
some other feed..."- I said, "Are they from another planet?" - Because the logical
style was fairly particular.

So, a fun article.

Generally I can't connect with Subud members, even my very old friends whom
I've known for 40 or so years, but it seems I have an opening to chat with you...
I recognize the the name vaguely. Of course, you don't need to know my name.
(A joke).

I don't want to spend much time on this because I have another agenda I guess,
but let me just hit major points: (- by the way, it is for me the 30th day/evening
of the fast - what a fast - , 15 hours long now, and it will be up to 17 coming up
as the moon recedes into the June month...)

Briefly, I spent about 40 years in Subud regular, stayed the course, went to almost
every latihan (I think I may have missed less than how many I could count on both
hands), and as many congresses as I could afford, saw Subhi all over the United
States and used to "run" for the party, [I got to drive him once in a Rolls Royce out in

the Canadian countryside for several hours, and that was a big experience.)
then was going only with son to the hall late at night the last couple of those years, -

then suddenly, decisively, God stopped me from going. That would be around 2007...

since then I am allowed a few minutes when I start each day of submitting to the Gift

(I'm always searching for the right word - contact seems cold and sterile - what do

you think of "The Gift"?).

> -typically, my response to your story is a bit longer than
what the space restrictions allow (- my current article is just under 7 pages) - so, if you are interested, just email me and I'll send you the full article...I just don't have the time to parse it out bit by bit as "a separate feedback item".<

Cheers, L

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