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Michael Irwin - Wayward

Real Answers. From Lambert, September 9, 2010. Time 10:36

Dear Michael,

>Let me say before beginning, I somehow thought that I was addressing a rather
younger person, (I myself am old) so that I'm afraid the tone of the letter is a bit off...(apologies)

It's interesting that when I first read the "Wayward" article I missed the date
thing, and thought it was a real group. So I read some of it to my son, because
it was fun, and we were both going "Wow, who are these people? They're on
some other feed..."- I said, "Are they from another planet?" - Because the logical
style was fairly particular.

So, a fun article.

Generally I can't connect with Subud members, even my very old friends whom
I've known for 40 or so years, but it seems I have an opening to chat with you...
I recognize the the name vaguely. Of course, you don't need to know my name.
(A joke).

I don't want to spend much time on this because I have another agenda I guess,
but let me just hit major points: (- by the way, it is for me the 30th day/evening
of the fast - what a fast - , 15 hours long now, and it will be up to 17 coming up
as the moon recedes into the June month...)

Briefly, I spent about 40 years in Subud regular, stayed the course, went to almost
every latihan (I think I may have missed less than how many I could count on both
hands), and as many congresses as I could afford, saw Subhi all over the United
States and used to "run" for the party, [I got to drive him once in a Rolls Royce out in

the Canadian countryside for several hours, and that was a big experience.)
then was going only with son to the hall late at night the last couple of those years, -

then suddenly, decisively, God stopped me from going. That would be around 2007...

since then I am allowed a few minutes when I start each day of submitting to the Gift

(I'm always searching for the right word - contact seems cold and sterile - what do

you think of "The Gift"?).

> -typically, my response to your story is a bit longer than
what the space restrictions allow (- my current article is just under 7 pages) - so, if you are interested, just email
me at, and I'll send you the full article...I just don't have the time to parse it out bit by bit as "a separate feedback item".<

Cheers, L

From Sahlan Diver, September 9, 2010. Time 11:33

The Editors have asked Lambert to send us his above mentioned 7 page article so we can consider whether to publish it as an article on the web site.

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