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Lilliana Gibbs - But what IS Subud

No longer passively accepting norms. From Hanna Thomas, January 4, 2008. Time 13:14

Hi Lilliana,

I felt so refreshed and reassured after reading your article to know that other members share similar concerns , thoughts and feelings to myself about our Subud Community.

Personally, I no longer passively accept these norms and rules and will continue to question and challenge them when I think it appropriate.

I liked the tone of your article too - it was not defensive nor antagonistic. I think you voiced your opinions in a very clear and clean manner.

I am mostly full of optimism for Subud - it seems that more and more members are wanting to critically examine Subud - what we say, how we behave etc. This is a healthy sign!

Best wishes to you and thanks for the article.


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