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Lilliana Gibbs - But what IS Subud

Subud and odd practises. From Sahlan Diver, September 14, 2007. Time 10:11


I was struck by this quote from your article "So Subud is ‘apart’, separated from other aspects of life. Why?

For me it’s been because it just seems too odd, it sounds like something I wouldn’t want to be involved in."

Some of the practises that you refer to in your article that were once accepted as norms, but which could certainly make us seem "odd" -- banana fasts, selamantans, playing gamelan music, avoiding serving pork at gatherings etc -- are now surely much diminished, so I am wondering what is left that is prominent. Could you suggest a list of practises that you think we should abolish, or substantially review in order for Subud to start sounding like something you would actually "want to be involved in"? Also, I am wondering whether your list would be limited just to practises. Is there maybe something else, in the attitudes and behaviours of Subud members, that causes you discomfort?

From Mike Higgins, September 16, 2007. Time 7:24

Sahlan, I believe she answered your question at the beginning of her article. She called the following an accurate description of the Subud community:

"Subud is one of many spiritual practices originating from Indonesia. We call the founder ‘father’ and his successor, ‘mother’, and refer to each other as ‘brothers and sisters’. We often ask Father or Mother to give us and our children names, sometimes more than once. We have a penchant for Moslem names, and like to adopt Islamic practices. We commonly use Indonesian words and customs in our community life."

None of the above applies to me, I don't have a Subud name and I can't say I've witnessed any Indonesian customs practiced in the local Subud community. I guess the local group and I had better get with the program, huh? -{ :?)

And I didn't realize that Indonesian words are so scary to non-Subud members. Maybe I'll record several long sentences of them and play the recording for trick or treaters this Halloween... that'll spook 'em! -{ :?o)

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