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John Elwyn Kimber - Confession of an ex-Latihaneer

SPIRITUAL PROGRESS, or, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LET GO. From John Elwyn Kimber, November 27, 2010. Time 12:5

I would like to write a short postscript to the above. To all those who are still happy to read my contributions to Subud Vision, thanks in advance for bothering to read this P.S.

Notwithstanding my own up-and-down problems with Subud and with my own Latihan as recorded in my ‘Confessions’: this is what I would write if asked to sum up ‘the problem of Subud’ in something like a single sentence…


'But I DO surrender - I surrender really hard!'

- Subud member, speaking to Bapak

The problem with Subud is that too many practitioners of Latihan still believe that becoming is the key to being – rather than the other way round.

All successful practitioners of Latihan avoid this trap. Or, in other words -

A) ‘The cure is at the centre of the ill’ –

- Mirra Alfassa (‘the Mother’).

B) ‘It Must Out!’ –

- Mas Sudarto.

From rochanah, March 8, 2011. Time 5:41

I occasionally read an article on Subud Vision, and tonight it was J.E. Kimber's "Confession". I don't know if it was meant to be funny, but it sure gave me a bunch of good chuckles. Though Bapakism was one of the many reasons I removed myself from being a "subudian", and I did not have the apparently annoying experience of Samadi, much of his reasons for leaving Subud are also mine. [I did latihan for around 40 years and stopped doing it about 8 years ago. Feels great!]

I just wanted Mr. Kimber know that I thoroughly enjoyed his little article.

Thank you.

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