John Elwyn Kimber


Mini Biography

John Elwyn Kimber, opened Southampton, England, 1977. Sometime writer, songwriter, conservationist. Most inspirational Subud friend: undoubtedly the late Farlan Hardy, 1942-2001, artist of genius, gifted songwriter and thorn in the flesh to Subud orthodoxy. A man completely devoted to the Latihan, and more often than not vilified by his 'Subud brothers'.

Confession of an ex-Latihaneer pdf, html

Ex-member John Elwyn Kimber is a man with a hyperactive Latihan. So why could he not come back to Subud? And how many more John Elwyn Kimbers are there out there?

An Adequate Humanity pdf, html

Do we need more than just the latihan?

This Silly Poor Gospel pdf, html

Imperfection is no excuse for Inaction

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