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Ilyas Baker - A Mevlevi Shaykh’s Experience of Subud

Fascinating. From Edward Fido, December 15, 2009. Time 2:18

This Mevlevi Sheikh's experience of Subud and the latihan are pretty amazing, Ilyas. Thank you for getting him to write them.

The Mevlevis are one of the most respected Sufi orders around and had tremendous prestige and status in the Ottoman Empire. Besides being a spiritual movement they were renowned for charitable works.

It is interesting that he speaks so positively of Subud and his experiences in it.

Somehow it all seems to have worked out well for him which is good.

Perhaps, at some stage, he, or others like him, may return to Subud. And perhaps they may not.

He was always quite honest with the Helpers and they with him. They also seemed to be able to genuinely receive answers to their testing about opening him and just followed those.

This seems one of those things which happened. What more is to be said?

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