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Hadrian Micciche - Both Simple and Complex

Being a Buddhist in Subud. From Rosalind Priestley, September 26, 2007. Time 22:54

Hadrian, I know it isn't easy to be a Buddhist in Subud. Before he retired, for forty years my husband was a professor of Buddhist philosophy (though not a Buddhist) and he often had the experience that students became very interested in Buddhism through his lectures and approached him privately to ask about his own practice. At that point he naturally told them about Subud. Over the years perhaps twenty or thirty of these enquirers were opened, but few, very few, stayed. First of all, some were put off by all the 'God' terminology. Many young people who take religious studies at University are trying to get away from the narrowness of their own theistic backgrounds, and Subud takes them right back into that mindset. Secondly, they were put off by encountering the wilful ignorance and judgmental attitudes of some Subud helpers and members on the subject of Buddhism. Subud members commonly accept Bapak's remarks about Buddhism as truth, without bothering to do any fact-checking. But it is obvious to any serious student of Buddhism that Bapak's understanding of Buddhism was no more extensive or sympathetic than one might expect from an Indonesian Muslim of that time.

I am somewhat amazed that you have persevered as a Buddhhist in Subud. I would be interested to hear more about your personal experience.

From Stefan, January 3, 2008. Time 14:24

Hi Hadrian,

One of my ambitions this year is to develop a short ("neutral") introduction to the Subud latihan followed by succinct personal accounts by practitioners from different backgrounds, such as atheist, Quaker, Pagan, humanist...

I second Rosalind when she says "I am somewhat amazed that you have persevered as a Buddhhist in Subud. I would be interested to hear more about your personal experience." I'm somewhat in awe of your ability to take what serves your spiritual growth despite the narrow or misinformed perceptions that many Subud peers may have about Buddhism.

I hope you'll write something about your experience of the latihan. Would you also consider if it may be used in a spectrum of personal views from Subud members with contrasting practices/faiths/backgrounds?

With thanks from Stefan

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