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Hadrian Micciche was cautioned not to expect fireworks at his opening, but he got them anyways, on the Forth of July 1974. (USA). A teacher of living creatively, some of his novel ideas have caused some fireworks in Subud in the past. As former consultant to non-profits, Hadrian has looked at their organizational culture and advised on ways to improve employee, volunteer and client satisfaction. Currently, Hadrian is devoting himself to writing music. It can be heard at

Both Simple and Complex pdf, html

The simplicity of the spiritual exercise serves well as a guide for a needed reform of the culture of Subud. The current Subud culture serves as a barrier to gaining and keeping members. We should not require people to have to work to fit into Subud. Instead, we should work to broaden the Subud culture to embrace them. For example, while ?helpers? are encouraged to use M. Subuh?s words to explain the spiritual exercise of Subud, it is suggested we explain the experience of the Subud exercise in terms of each person?s own religion, as they themselves, not M. Subuh, understands it. These concerns are presented in the context of ?Bapak Fundamentalism? and a contrasting ?Radical Latihanism?, and the distinction between ?Living Wisdom? and ?Dead Wisdom?.

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